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High-Frequency DC Switching Power Supply

The WK series high-frequency DC switching power supply (hereinafter referred to as the power supply for short) is one of the latest results of research for several years in this company, which, characteristic of such advantages as small size, light weight and high efficiency, uses the latest high-frequency modulation technology and broadens the voltage and current width of the switching power supply, thus having achieved a wide range of voltage and current adjustment and expanded the applications of the switching power supply. The power supply control chip adopted is now more mature components imported from abroad and the power components of the power supply adopted are the international latest high-power devices developed, thus having solved the problem of the low reliability due to multiple tubes connected in parallel and having made the technological process more reasonable. The maximum output power of a single unit is up to 10KW and the output power is high up to 40KW for the parallel-connected units, the maximum output voltage is 600V and the output current is 1000A. The communication interface equipped with RS485/RS232 is able to realize the remote voltage and current regulation and monitoring.

The WK series high-frequency DC switching power supply is mainly applicable to the motor running-in processes in the DC motor factory, the resistance aging in the resistor factory, the automobile air conditioning motor testing, the enabling capacitance in the capacitor factory, the plating process in the electroplating factory as well as such various occasions as factories, universities and colleges and laboratories.



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