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Three Phase Inverter 360V

GSI three phase series inverter is off-grid inverter designed and manufactured for new energy power system, mainly apply for PV power station, wind, light, oil,storage complementary generating system and the filed of Photovoltaic power system. Especially need three-phase four wires AC place. We use the new energy power generation with high inverter efficiency and advanced performance to provide absolute reliability for Traffic inconvenience, harsh mountains, pasturing area, border defence,island,etc without electricity area,and can adopt large power three-phase inverter to take the collective power supply mode for no power area.

Function Characteristics´╝Ü

  •     Advanced DSP technology, effectively improve the product performance and reliability.
  • Excellent protection performance of industry enviroment,perfect protection function, suitable for various working environment.
  • Intelligent battery management function,able to detect the battery quality effectively,extend the life of battery.
  • Human voice prompts and large screen LCD interface with high performance, Intelligent prompt function for starting machine and misoperation reminding function, etc.Intuitive and convenient.
  • Powerful communication interface and remote monitoring by network,etc.
  • Abundant component, can be configured flexibly according to the actual demand.
  • Independent sealed air passage, the most optimized ventilation design,adopt modular installation inside of machine,all devices need maintenance can front maintained and three face against the wall or juxtaposed installation. 



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