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Telescopic Search Mirror with Wheels
& a Light
Under Vehicle Search Mirror with wheels & a light 

 ST116A  under vehicle search mirror with wheels and a light, use them to search for the bottoms of vehicles, tables, chairs and so on. The military and police use it to search explosive, narcotics and dangerous persons. Used widely for security inspection of sport game, factories, police system, major conferences & hotels etc. We have had experiences of many years in manufacturing the search mirror products. ST116A search mirror devices conform to all current international security product standards.


Long time vehicle bottom inspection operation design. Widely used to search for the bottoms of a table, chairs, a vehicle and so on. First,the military and police use it for the search examination in the implementation of explosives and drugs.Now in the beginning to play roles in the more normal fields, we have years of experience in manufacturing search mirror product.ST116A search mirror was used widely for the security inspection of sports, Major conferences, local police, hotels and factories and so on. Now exceed three kinds of styles, different optional accessories, it can fully meet every walk of life in search work in the field of different requirements. 


1. Mirror: 33.5×27 cm high-intensity shatterproof acrylic mirror,convex-shaped double amplification effect,it is 1/2 weight of the same general glass mirror size, has a certain toughness, not easily broken, safe, durable, and its brightness is like the glass mirror. Firm plastic gum at the bottom of the siege can effectively prevent collisions caused by damage to the mirror.

2. Grip: telescopic pull rod, it can turn 180 degrees around the joint designed to be the maximum in-depth exploration to vehicles & goods, double spring piece insurance location, using high-quality metal structure with many high-intensity processing, Light weight, strong, beautiful. Surface use dust-free workshop baked outdoor paint to deal with it, in long-term use it is not faded. No smell, not harmful to humans. Equip Black foam cotton grip, holding a good sense for a long time operation.

3. Light Source: fluorescent lamps as well as the LED light source ( optional ). Fluorescent light source has a natural, soft features; LED lights have long life, high brightness, waterproof, disassembled as a light work and so on. According to the customer demand, they can choose the right light source. Fluorescent model can not be wet and not use in the rain in the state of use.

4. Power supply: built-in lithium battery, 2 hours charge for 4 - 5 hours work. Economic, convenient and practical. The package is equipped with standard power supply adapter.

5. Carry: the pull rod of our products can be used to fold, fixed after, a person will be able to take it to can be equipped with a portable bag, do not use it. it is broken up and packed away. Materials accord with the overall Rhos technology standards and is suitable for export to other countries. 


1. Net weight: 3.0kg
Gross weight with a portable case: 5.9kg.
2. Length: 72cm ~ 132cm.
3. Portable case size: 52 * 42 * 13.8cm.


1. Conform to EN60950-1:2006+A11:2009 international product safety standard and conform to EN55011:2009 and EN61326-1:2006 international standards.
2. Product conforms to international safety standard and security product standard.

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