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PWM PV Controller
Wall Mounting Type

PWM PV controller is intelligent,which designed for photovoltaic off-grid power system.It can control multiple solar array,manage the storage battery charge and discharge function.It auto-switches on/off photovoltaic array in turn according to the trend of varying voltage of storage battery group.It fully used the precious photovoltaic energy source and ensure the safety and reliable work of the storage battery group.

Function Characteristics:

  •     Common anode controlling method, multiple solar battery array input control( can be used in communication field ).
  •     DSP control,charge and discharge parameters can be setted, suitable for different occasion.
  •     Each charge detection with “return difference”control function, avoid switch being into oscillatory conditions.
  •     The controlling circuit and main circuit are completely isolated, with high anti-jamming capability.
  •     Full protective function, running status, failure indicator lamp.
  •     Multiple failure alarm and passive output contact functions(optional).
  •     Low power consumption display status, further decreased the self wastage.
  •     Can realize multiple machine parallel working.
  •     Storage battery anti-counter connection.
  •     Remote monitor (optional).
  •     DC output function(optional).



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