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PV Grid-Connected Inverter

PV array converts solar energy to DC electric energy which is converted to AC sine electric energy with the same frequency and same phase as grid through grid-connected inverter. A part of it is supplied to the local load, the remaining part return to the grid.

Function Characteristics´╝Ü

  •     Max.power point tracking efficiency >99.9%.
  •     Multilingual LCD interface, various operating parameters can be setted flexible.
  •     A variety of communication interface can be chosen to realize PC monitor conveniently.
  •     Perfect protection function,improved the reliability of the system.
  •     Wide DC input voltage range.
  •     Able to realize parallel operation of Multiple inverters, simplify the design of the power station.
  •     Applied for high altitude(<6000 meters).
  •     Pass zero voltage crossing test.



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