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300-500W PV Controller & Inverter Integrated Machine
(Included Battery Space)

PV Controller&Inverter Integrated Machine is a new kind of PV electricity generating equipment which combines PV controller and inverter.It consists of charge controller,inverter,mains supply bypass.mains supply charge compensation,output transfer and protection circuit. It outputs pure Sine wave voltage, and has following advantages, such as: only need small space,less connecting lines, good safety and reliability,etc.

Function Characteristics:

  •     High function of DSP control made by TI.
  •     Closed loop PID control,good quality of dynamic response of system and electric energy output.
  •     It can realize multiple solar energy array input control,omit the front end of combiner box , save the cost for consumer.
  •     Each charge detection with”return difference” control function, avoid switch being into oscillatory conditions.
  •     LCD display function, with the capacity of real time monitoring and display storage battery voltage、load current、 ambient temperature 、AC output voltage、AC output current.
  •     Multiple protection and event record function.
  •     With power output statistics function.
  •     With mains supply compensation function, can realize uninterrupted switch.
  •     Low power display status, further decreased the self-wastage.
  •     Remote monitor and control(RS232 optional).
  •     Small volume,meet installation requirements of indoor and outdoor.
  •     Easy and fast maintenance.



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