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Power frequency off grid inverter

Off-grid photovoltaic power generation system consists of photovoltaic power generation, components by the controller for battery charge and discharge management, and provide power to the dc load or through the inverter to the ac load power of a new type of power supply. Widely applied in the conditions of plateau, island, a remote mountainous area and field operation, also can be used as a communication station, advertising light boxes, lights and other power supply.

Photovoltaic power generation systems use inexhaustible, inexhaustible natural energy, which can effectively alleviate the power shortage areas of demand contradiction, solve the problem of rural life and communication. Improve the global ecological environment and promote sustainable development of human.

Off-grid inverter is specially designed for new energy power generation system, mainly used in solar photovoltaic power stations, wind power stations, wind, light, oil, complementary power generation system and outdoor storage with solar energy power supply system.

   The new energy generation is mostly installed in mountain, pasturing, frontier area and island with no electricity and little transportation. It is difficult to repair if the generator broken down; High reliability of the power supply must request for the problems of heat dispersion and insulation caused by big temperature differences between day and night, or rarefied air in highland. The distant transportation also ask for good reliability.
♦ High efficiency:
   The cost per degree of new energy generation is high, and the solar panels are also expensive. By raising the efficiency of inverting power supply, the capacity of the solar panels is reduced, and the same as the whole investment.
♦Protective function for the charge and discharge of storage battery array: PV power station and wind power station usually use specified controller for the real time management of chare and discharge. We use the inverter's own power part to achieve the protective function for charge and discharge of the storage battery ,which simplifies the circuits, reduces the cost and avoids the arc discharge by controller's turning on& off the DC, and at last raises the system's reliability.
♦The charge control function of the solar battery and wind generator can be embedded, which can compose the new energy power generation system easily.



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