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Off Grid Inverter
Single Phase

Off- grid inverter designed and made for New energy power generation system, which is the core component of photovoltaic power generation system, change the DC electrical energy into AC electric,mainly apply for PV power station, wind, light, oil,storage complementary generating system and the filed of Photovoltaic power system. We use the new energy power generation with high inverter efficiency and advanced performance to provide absolute reliability for Traffic inconvenience, harsh mountains, pasturing area, border defence,island,etc without electricity area.

Function Characteristics´╝Ü

  •     High performance DSP control made by TI.
  •     Good protection and alarm function for urgent issue such as output overload,output shot circuit, anti counter connection,input over voltage and low voltage,over temperature,etc.
  •     LED, LCD display (optional).
  •     Telecommunication(optional):RS232 communication interface realize remote monitor and control.
  •     Output pure sine wave, good dynamic response,small THD,high inverter efficiency,stable output voltage,excellent EMI.
  •     High reliability and efficiency, anti vibration.



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