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MPPT PV Controller

MPPT PV controller with high capability and step-down buck circuit is solar power generation equipment,solar energy input use the calculation of MPPT(the maximum power point tracking). Take full advantage of photovoltaic power generation, increase at least 12 percent of generating efficiency.Due to use the component of power conversion,it can also charge the battery of low degree voltage even photovoltaic input voltage within 0-450v( able to charge 48v/110v/220v etc).It can be parallel connection with Flexible configuration.

Function Characteristics´╝Ü

  •     Using industrial materials to ensure stable and reliable operation of equipment.
  •     Using conversion components of step-down buck circuit, battery charging flexible for different voltage degree.
  •     PV input with MPPT technique, let PV array output working automatically on the best power point.
  •     Multiple equipment can parallel running, expanding the usage range,meet the requirement of high charging occasion.



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