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Precision & Purifying
AC Voltage-Stabilized Power Supply

The JJW/JSW precision & purifying AC voltage-stabilized power supply is designed comprehensively with the international advanced power regulation technology in the sine energy distribution formula and combined with the highly efficient broadband filter network, which represents the latest development level in the AC voltage stabilization technology, its main circuit consists of a sine energy distributor and a large-power filter connected in parallel, and, when the commercial power input voltage varies or the load current changes, the sine energy distributor, in a half cycle sine wave current form, inputs the energy into the inductor precisely as required to adjust the inductance of the inductor, so as to ensure that the output voltage should be highly precise and stable. This series power supply is characteristic of wide stabilized voltage range, high precision, fast response and long-term continuous operation and can effectively suppress various noises and spike interference in the grid, which is one of those excellent optional purifying and AC voltage-stabilized power supply products available currently and appreciated and preferred among the users. These products are widely used in such modern high-tech products as computers and peripheral devices, medical electronic equipment, radio communication and broadcasting equipment, industrial electronic equipment and automatic production lines for the voltage stabilization and protection.



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