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Industrial Frequency Inverter Power Supply

The EK500C3 (DC220V) series fully-digital inverter is the latest generation of the power supply product produced in Eksi company and is a highly intelligent product in integration of digitization, informationization and networking and provided with a strong information collection system, a signal processing system, a detection systems and a perfect protection system, which is designed and manufactured aiming mainly at the characteristics and requirements of the power control systems, is applicable to the high quality and the high reliability control requirements of the power control systems for the power supply equipment to meet the needs of a variety of terminal devices in the power control systems, and is also suitable for the occasions requiring stable AC output voltage and is widely used in various electricity-use environments, such as the photovoltaic off-grid power systems. The personalized design, the friendly man-machine dialogue function and the touch screen LCD display are the latest power supply display modules developed in this company, in which the most popular and the most intuitive graphical operation interface is adopted and, as compared with the general LCD display module, there are no complicated steps in this touch screen display module, the users may press directly the analog buttons on the display to obtain the corresponding information, thus being easy to operate and understand. And, in the meantime, the touch screen display module is equipped itself with the real-time clock and memory, which are used to record 256 items of events and other information settings.



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