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EK500B (DC110V)
Industrial Frequency Inverter Power Supply

The EK500B (DC110V) industrial frequency inverter power supply is the fourth generation of the industrial frequency intelligent inverter power supply developed with the fully-new digital technology, which, using the SPWM pulse width modulation technology, the IGBT power modules and the output isolation transformer, makes the output from the inverter power supply a purifying sine wave power supply with frequency stabilized and voltage stabilized, mixed noise filtered out, no interference from the grid fluctuations and low distortion, has such characteristics as strong load-carrying capacity, good load compatibility and wide DC input voltage range, so as to fully meet the needs of a variety of the electricity-use environment;its perfect protection devices have improved the system operation stability and reliability;its humanized LCD interface design ensures that there should be zero distance in the communication between the man and the machines;communication can be carried out between the inverter and the PC via the RS232 communication interface, thus allowing the users to observe easily at any time the working conditions and the historical records of the inverter in the terminal unit, to carry out control of the inverter in a timely manner, and, in the meantime, through the remote network monitoring functions, via the network to carry out remote monitoring and management at any time and any where, thus having truly fulfilled the unattended function, composed a hot backup system and improved the system reliability. Adhering to the design concept that the stability is above all, the EK500 series inverter power supply is undoubtedly your best choice.



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