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GSA Series PV Controller & Integrated Machine

    PV Controller& Inverter Integrated Machine is a new kind of PV electricity generating equipment which combines PV controller and inverter. It consists of charge controller, inverter, mains supply bypass, mains supply charge compen sation, output transfer and protection circuit. It output pure Sine wave voltage.

►Performance characteristic:
♦"One point" control method and current voltage double closed-loop control strategy, PV modules charge to battery with most efficiency.
♦ LED, LCD display function, with the capacity of real time monitoring and display battery voltage, load current and charging current,day's generate and discharge,electricity,accumulative total generate and discharge electricity, times of load shot circuit, environ-ment temperature, AC output voltage, AC output current and other parameters.
♦System support the programme setting for battery parameter, system parameter, time parameter and so on.
♦Alarm and protection function for over charge, over discharge, output over load , shot circuit, connect reversed, over voltage, over heating and so on.
♦Standard RS232/RS485 communication interface. Humanization interaction with the inquire function of failure information and running status.
♦Can install the lightning protection in different level and provide light-operated, oil-operated, backup and other function as customer's request.
♦ Password protective function, avoid miss operation by non-professionals.
♦ Timer Switch Machines function.
♦ Small volume, light weight, waterproof, thermostability, low power consumption.



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