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Lighting Emergency Power Supply

The EPS emergency power supply is designed specially to provide a solution scheme of a two-path standby power supply for the level 1 load, which is applicable to the fire control, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, schools, hospitals, mines and all the places where the automation control is adopted, so as to provide them with safe and reliable power support

When the commercial power is normal, the commercial power supplies the electricity to the load through the mutual-throw switching device and simultaneously the charger implements the intelligent charging to the backup battery. When the commercial power is interrupted or exceeds the normal voltage range, the controller will send an inverter signal to start the inverter power supply and, in the meantime, the mutual-throw switching device is switched over to the inverter output to go on to provide the sinusoidal alternating current to the load. Upon the commercial power is restored normally, the EPS is restored automatically to the commercial power.

The EKED series emergency power supply is a single-phase input and single-phase output EPS emergency power supply and its power is 0.5KW-12KW, which is suitable to be used for the emergency lighting and the accident lighting.



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