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High-frequency On-line UPS

The EK3C series high frequency online UPS, with the double conversion online structure adopted, is the most efficient structure design that can solve all the power supply problems, which provides a good solution scheme for such statuses occurred in the electric grid as the power interruption, too high or too low voltage, instantaneous drop of voltage, damped oscillation, high-voltage pulse, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, clutter interference and frequency fluctuations, so as to provide the users with safe and reliable power supply protection.

The EK3C series high frequency online UPS is a powerfully adaptable and configuration- flexible product, which, with the advanced DSP digital control technology adopted, upgrades effectively the product performance and the system reliability and achieves the higher power density integration and miniaturization. And, in order to meet the individualized needs of the users in an all-round way, the EK3C series high frequency online UPS provides a very rich extendable function and the user can make his configuration flexibly according to his own needs.


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