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High-power Electric Power Voltage–Stabilized Power Supply

The DBW/SBW high-power electric power voltage-stabilized power supply is an energy-saving type product to stabilize the AC voltage developed in this company based on the introduction and absorption of the foreign advanced technology and combined with the existing power supply situation in the country, which, when the external distribution network voltage fluctuates or the voltage fluctuations result from load changes, keeps automatically the output voltage stabilized. This series product combines the advantages of the traditional electronic AC type, the inductive type and the magnetic saturation type voltage stabilizers, overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional voltage stabilizers, such as small capacity, large loss and great waveform distortion and has such merits as large capacity, high efficiency, no waveform distortion, smooth and stable voltage regulation and easy and convenient operation and maintenance and reliable running. Its voltage stabilization process is the use of a motor to drive the carbon brush to carry out the voltage regulation. They are widely used as the AC voltage stabilized power supply for the electronic computers, precision machine tools, computer tomography photography (CT), precision instruments, laboratory equipment, imported equipment and production lines in the industrial and mining enterprises, oil fields, railways, construction sites, schools, hospitals, post offices and telecommunication stations, hotels, research and other departments, and are also applicable to the end users of the low-voltage distribution network that is low in the power supply voltage and large in fluctuation amplitude and the electricity-use equipment great in load fluctuations, especially to the voltage stabilized places that have high requirements for the waveforms.



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