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Parameter Anti-Interference AC Voltage-Stabilized Power Supply

The CWY parameter anti-interference AC voltage-stabilized power supply is one of the anti-interference purifying power supplies that is developed the fastest in the recent years, which integrates the advantages of the isolation transformer, the ultra-wide range voltage stabilizer and the anti-interference filter and is a purifying AC voltage stabilized power supply currently the highest in reliability, the fastest in voltage adjustment speed, the largest in voltage stabilization range, the widest in anti-interference band and the most thorough in protection against interference, thus ensuring that the microelectronic devices should be able to work safely and normally even if in the worst grid.

The parameters voltage-stabilized power supply is a patented technical product pushed out in this company, which uses a structure in combination of the advanced technology and a modular assembly, thus having made a revolutionary leap in the AC parameter voltage stabilized power supply design and manufacture. The CWY parameter power supply is large in input voltage range, fewer in the use of devices, strong in integrated anti-interference ability, fast in voltage adjustment speed, powerful in protection function, and modular in patented technology structure. Just because of these performance characteristics said above, the CWY parameters voltage stabilized power supply is widely used in such high-tech, precision and sophisticated microelectronics equipment systems as the computer system, program control exchange system, microwave, wireless base stations, intelligent analysis equipment, radio and television systems, high-end medical equipment, laboratory and flaw detection analysis.



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