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Walk-through automatic scan body temperature & metal detector with a camera can detect human body temperatures, hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) body temperature, H1N1 swine flu body temperature, H3N2 flu body temperature, H7N9 flu body temperature, Ebola virus disease (EVD) & MERS virus human fever body temperatures & epidemic (flu) body fever temperature and metal objects.

AWT100 is a walk-through automatic scan body temperature and metal detector with a camera, it is a high-tech product. It has human body temperature measurement & metal detection dual functions with a camera and can connect to a computer,when people pass through it in the detection body range, it will give out an immediate human surface body temperature, LED show digits, and the operator can obtain its accurate data. If they are suspicious fever patients, it will immediately report to the police apparatus, thus it is a timely and effective manner to prevent the Virus flow of cross-infection; in the same time, when a human passes through it, the illegal metal on body can be detected, it will warn. We can manually adjust its sensitivities for high sensitivity or low sensitivity to detect a small metal or a big metal. It is used widely in security inspection, loss prevention and preventing Virus flow of cross-infection. Automatic calculating passer number and alarm number functions.


Airports, courts, prisons, customhouses, amusement places, gym places, exhibition sites, police system, hospitals, hotels, stations, ports, schools, borders, electronic factory, plating factory, optical factory, hardware factory, etc.. Suitable for large flow of people in the public for the rapid detecting human body temperature and illegal metals (such as: gun, knife) detection,it inspects person, hand-held luggage and parcel, can locate small metal, IED-device, weapon, ammunition, parts of weapon, bomb, etc..

AWT100 is non-contact temperature measurement,anti-theft check and security check, it connects a computer operation and can process the flu and body temperature inspection, anti-theft check and dangerous security check. When people detected in a passing place accept body temperature inspection and security check, thus they are not easy to cause resentment and panic. On a far computer console,the guard can monitor and avoid cross-infection and dangers. It's suitable for remote monitoring & check in high traffic flow areas, accurately identify which persons are fever patients or dangerous persons, is particularly suitable for hazardous or terrorism occasions to use, can be remote video surveillance.

Connect a camera and a computer system:

AWT100 is a long-distance surveillance body temperature and metal detector with a camera, it has high-precision infrared probes and can complete body temperature measurement quickly in 0.5 seconds, and it has six detection zones in metal detection, it is complete security detection, multi-zone alarm display, very high discrimination, high reliability and high immunity to external interferences. its output signal will connect to a computer, the system can achieve remote video surveillance and be on-site not to need staff on duty.

Two alarm ways as follows:

1. When the body temperature exceeds its set temperature, its automatic alarm voice will be given out, and AWT100 camera can photograph immediately automatically, the system can show and record the temperature automatically, and the human picture and temperature can be watched and be saved in the computer.

2. When the illegal metal on body is detected, its alarm voice & show will be given out, and its camera can photograph immediately automatically, the human picture can be watched and be saved in the computer.


AWT100 has body temperature measurement and metal detection dual functions. In the front: there is a front temperature display screen, "SET" buttons and metal alarm display zones, its six partition alarm zones from head to toe are displayed on its top operation panel, the objective location alarm light is displayed on its top operation panel. Adjustment sensitivity by hand. In the back there are the temperature alarm light and metal alarm light, metal detection "SET" buttons and other control settings. When an alarm is given out, AWT100 remote computer can monitor the human image, its camera can photograph immediately automatically.


1. Overall exterior gate dimension: 2220 (H) * 910 or 830 (W) * 620 or 570 (Depth) mm.
Gate passageway interior dimension: 2000 (H) * 795 or 700 (W) * 620 or 570 (Depth) mm, (Optional).
Repeated temperature measurement and time interval: 0.5 seconds.
Relative humidity: 80%.
Voltage: 110V ~ 220V, 50/60Hz.
Body temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃. Door frame is high-grade appearance.

2. Alarm temperature: 37.5℃ ( this alarm temperature can be free to be set, such as: 37 ℃, 37.1 ℃, 37.2 ℃, 37.3 ℃, 37.4 ℃ and so on). The factory setup is 37.5 ℃, the body temperature exceeds it for the alarm. Flu fever alarm. Temperature sensors made by German company.


1. Conform to EN60950-1:2006+A11:2009 product safety international standard. Conform to EN 55011:2009 and EN 61326-1:2006 product safety international standards. Conform to EN 61000-3-2:2006+A2: 2009 and EN61000-3-3:2008 product safety international standards.

2. Conform to EN 61000-6-1:2007 product immunity international standard, radiation conforms to EN 61000-6-3:2007 product emission international standard.

3. Conform to existing walk-through metal detector GB15210-2003 standard. Conform to FAA 3 - gun testing standards & NILECJ-0601-00 safety standards. 4. European CE & EMC international security standard certificates.

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