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Metal detector, simultaneous multi-zone alarm walk-through metal detector gate

SIIE AMH1300 33-zone high security walk-through metal detector. SIIE AMH1300A is a most advanced high sensitive & multi-zone simultaneous alarm high security walk-through metal detector in the world, feature: complete security detection and multi-zone displays & high discrimination. It can display its parameter settings and detection data in a remote computer. Control panel or remote control or computer operations. Conform to FAA 3 - gun testing standards & NILECJ-0601-00 safety standard. European CE and EMC international security certificates.


SIIE AMH1300 33-zone high security walk-through metal detector can pinpoint any small mass metal & weapon locations on the left, center & right side of a human body. It is used widely in security inspection and loss prevention, used widely in airport, court, prison, customhouse, gym place, exhibition site, factory, amusement place, and so on.

It inspects persons, hand-held luggages & parcels, can locate a small metal, IED-device, weapons, ammunitions, parts of weapons, bombs, etc..


1. 33 independent detection zones to precisely identify multiple target locations from head to toe on the left, center and right side of the body. Multi-dimensional scan detection. Infrared counter, automatic calculating passer number and alarm number functions, it displays number separately for four digits. Digital signal processing & self-diagnostic function. Optional: a backup battery.
2. Multi-dimensional coil design:
Advanced broadband detection technology provides superior target analysis, ferrous & non-ferrous weapon detection, higher person flow and high discrimination. User's friendly LCD control panel view.
3. Temperproof settings: top LCD Display operation, alarm lights display, LED bar graphs and control touch keys plus all wiring, connections and electronics are integrated into a single lockable overhead compartment which eliminates exposure of wires and internal control box.
4. Easy to be assembled:
Its modular design is convenient for a quick and simple assembly, strong lightweight design, easy assembly, assembled with its four sub-assemblies using only eight screws and three internal electrical connections.
5. Passcode protection:
Multi level authorized code for an administrator or a supervisor to adjust it and view the data in order to keep its security only.
6. Programs and sensitivity:
Thirty-three independent programs, Complete & automatic self-diagnostic program; 100 or 200-grade sensitivity adjustment. it can offer extra high sensitivity to detect a small metal object. Objective location alarm lights are displayed in two sides of this door.
7. Strong Interference Suppression:
High environmental interference rejection capability, advanced digital filtering technology and adjustable operating frequencies eliminate the outside potential Interference influence.

8. Red " palm " shapes are on the two sides of its back, it means when a person walks through it, its alarm is happening and this person is being inspected because of security problem and the illegal metal found on this body, at this time the next following person stops for few seconds, then walks through it for inspection.
9. Green " human walking " shapes are under red " palm " shapes on the two sides of its back, it means when green " human walking " shapes show the green colour, a person can walk through it for inspection.


- Overall exterior gate dimensions: 2211 (H) * 830 (W) * 690 (depth) mm.
- Dimension of gate passageway interior: 2000 (H) * 700 (W) * 690 (depth) mm.
- No rewiring, switching or adjustments required.
- Weight: about 70kgs.
- Working environment: -20° C to 70° C.
- Humidity: to 95% noncondensing.
- Power supply: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 55W.


1. Conform to EN 60950-1:2006+A11:2009 product safety international standard. Conform to EN 55011:2009 and EN 61326-1:2006 product safety international standards. Conform to EN61000-3-2:2006+A2:2009 and EN61000-3-3:2008 product safety international standards.
2. Conform to EN 61000-6-1:2007 product immunity international standard and radiation conforms to EN 61000-6-3:2007 product emission international standard. Be harmless to pregnant women and magnetic storage media.
3. Conform to existing walk-through metal detector GB15210-2003 standard. Conform to FAA 3 - gun testing standards & NILECJ-0601-00 safety standards.
4. European CE & EMC international security standard certificates.

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