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48 v photovoltaic controller

48 v photovoltaic controller is a through the microprocessor control management and display of intelligent charging controller. Using microprocessor management and display of intelligent charge and discharge controller, quickly to electrical energy from solar battery storage battery, and using pulse width modulation (PWM) technology to realize the battery overcharge protection. Through the function Settings button to choose the operation mode of the load, and a variety of control and protection function.


    ♦Common cathode controlling method, but 48v series are common anode, multi-sting photovoltaic battery array input control;

    ♦Intelligent control by microcomputer chip, charge and discharge characteristics can be best, suitable for different occasions;

    ♦Each charge detection with “return difference” control function, avoid switch being into oscillatory conditions;

    ♦The contro circuit and main circuit are completelyindependent, and with high anti-jamming capability;

    ♦LCD display with Chinese and English menu;

    ♦With history memory function and password protective function;

    ♦Accumulative function of Q(quantily of electric charge), including PV generation capacity, load consumption and storage battery capacity.

    ♦Multiple protection and alarm function;

    ♦With RS485/232 interface, convenient for distant communication and control;

    ♦Multiple brekdowm alarm and passive output contact functions;

    ♦Clock display;

    ♦Temperature compensation .


    ♦Dry contact function for startingOil engine or spare power supply;

    ♦Time-control and light-control function: free options of light-on/light-off mode, light-on/time-off mode, clock control and light-on/time-off/wee-hour-on mode;

    ♦Can supply the specialized lightning protection according to the system lightening-proof degree;

    ♦Secondary powered down control function for main load and dispensable load.


    Adopt the laddering charge mode with level currenet-limited and auto-switch on/off the photovoltaic battery array in turn according to the voltage trend at the side of storage battery array, to achieve the safety and fast charge of the storage battery array.


    Protective and alarm function of photovoltaic battery array counter connection, counter charge at night, storage battery overcharge, storage battery over discharge, overload, short circuit, etc.



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